Lonehill Community Improvement Initiative (LCII)


Thanks to the Lonehill Residents Association (LRA) the greater Lonehill area has become a suburb with all the advantages of an estate. The LRA is a non-profit organization funded by community members who support its services, which include security, medical and environment.

As a community, our strength lies in our solidarity.  TOGETHER we can achieve so much more!  The entire community, agencies, businesses, and residents need to become involved and contribute towards the Lonehill Community Improvement Initiative. Community support and involvement is vital to the ongoing success, growth, and improvement of our wonderful Lonehill Lifestyle.

The LRA are responsible for the community security which ensures that patrols are carried out along the streets, crime hot-spot areas and the green belts. The prime responsibility for safeguarding the Lonehill lifestyle is entrusted to Fidelity Security Services. The LRA estate team continually maintain and improve the green public spaces to create an environment where the community feels safe to enjoy the fantastic outdoor living and lifestyle activities offered in Lonehill.

Be part of our success story and encourage others to join the LRA as a LCII monthly contributor.


Telephone: (011) 465 9196

Email:  bev@lra.org.za

Completing this form represents the consent for the collecting and processing of the above information to register you as a monthly contributor and shall remain in effect during the entire period you remain a contributor towards the LONEHILL COMMUNITY IMPROVEMENT INITIATIVE of the Lonehill Residents Association (NPC).