Lonehill Park & Nature Reserve

There are no braai facilities and ablution facilities in the park and parking is limited. The Nature Reserve is only open on weekends with no facilities.



The Lonehill Community Improvement Initiative

The Greater Lonehill area of Lonehill, Lonehill Upper East, Beverley and Pineslopes is a unique, self-managed community through the Lonehill Residents Association (LRA) providing an unrivalled quality of life for our residents. A successful suburban environment does not just happen by itself.  A critical mass of participation, involvement, responsibility and desire has to be reached.


Lonehill Residents Association

Thanks to the Lonehill Residents Association (LRA) the greater Lonehill area has become a suburb with all the advantages of an estate.  It is an integrated community of energetic people who take pride in the area in which they live, study and work.

The LRA was founded in 1996 by concerned residents in response to the escalating crime within the suburb.  It is a non-profit organization funded by community members who support its services, which include security, medical and Envirofund.  The LRA employs a small complement of staff and has a board of unpaid Directors who volunteer and dedicate their time to serve the Lonehill community.  The administrative functions of the LRA are run from their office block in Studio Office Park offering residents assistance in all matters relating to living in the greater Lonehill Community.

The LRA are responsible for the community security initiative which ensures that patrols are carried out along the streets, crime hot-spot areas and the green belts.  They strive to improve the quality of life for residents in the greater Lonehill, Beverley and Pineslopes areas which helps to preserve and enhance the investments made by property owners.

The LRA estate team continually maintain and improve the green public spaces to create an environment where the community feels safe to enjoy the fantastic outdoor living and lifestyle activities offered in Lonehill.  These include Run Walk for Life, cycling clubs, parkrun, indoor and outdoor health and wellness clubs, swim schools, summer hiking up the Lonehill Koppie, fishing, senior citizens club, camera club and domestic forums which are all aimed at improving community spirit and fellowship.

Being a community that cares, the LRA hosts several events throughout the year in the beautiful and well- maintained Lonehill Park and Koppie.  Events such as Dads and Kids Campouts, Movie Nights, Picnics, Arts and Crafts exhibitions, Family Fun Run and Carols by Candlelight are extremely popular and well supported by residents and visitors from surrounding areas.

In November 2012 the LRA introduced an Advanced Emergency Medical Response service resulting from the marked deterioration in response times from both the public and private medical service providers.

The LRA prides itself on regular communication with all their members through various channels such as the community notice boards, the LRA website, the weekly e-newsletter, the Lonehill App, Facebook and Security & Community WhatsApp notifications.


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Building Inspiring Spaces

Lonehill is a suburb with a remarkable level of community achievement. The Lonehill Residents Association is arguably the most active residents association in South Africa.



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