Keeping Lonehill safe and secure is of paramount importance to the Lonehill Residents Association.  The prime responsibility for safeguarding the Lonehill lifestyle is entrusted to Fidelity Security Services.

The Fidelity Group is South Africa’s largest security firm which leads the market in providing, value-added, customized security solutions.  Working with the LRA, Fidelity provides a comprehensive and top-notch service that works 24 hours a day to protect our residents, providing guarding services, electronic surveillance and armed response.

In Lonehill, Lonehill East, Beverley and Pineslopes, Fidelity deploys over 350 security officers over a 24-hour period (this could be increased if everyone in the Lonehill area used the same service provider) protecting over 70 complexes, shopping centres, business parks and many private residences.  All security activities are monitored and coordinated from the dedicated Lonehill Control Room located at the LRA offices, utilizing a CCTV surveillance system.   The LRA and Fidelity are currently rolling out a new camera system with the first phase of 58 cameras already installed. Through the LRA, security experts are available to advise residents on smarter and more effective ways of securing their properties.  These include perimeter control, CCTV cameras, alarm systems and panic buttons.  A dedicated technical team ensures that all installations and repairs are promptly attended to.

Community patrols are carried out using 6 Reaction officers driving 4 reaction vehicles, 1 motorbike and 1 Quad bike.  All vehicles are identified with the Lonehill/Fidelity branding and equipped with real-time tracking devices.  A duty manager is on call 24 hours a day attending to any security related issues whist two supervisors per shift are dedicated to site visits and quality control. FSS ensure replacement guards within twenty minutes should a guard not be able to commence/complete a shift.  Unlike other companies in the area, the FSS guards parade adjacent to the fire station for inspection before the commencement of each shift.

All Fidelity guards are registered, voice stressed and checked for criminal records.  The guards are paid according to legislation, are well trained and equipped to perform their duties.

The LRA interacts with the community providing security updates, safety and security tips and crime awareness information through newsletters and social media.

Our contracted Security Service Provider makes available to residents:

  • A dedicated Security Control Room with back-up facility in Lonehill
  • Trained, locally based armed response teams
  • 5 reaction vehicles
  • 1 x scooter (reaction officer)
  • 1 x quadbike patrolling the green belts
  • 12 full-time Street Patrollers
  • Dedicated technical team for the suburb

Contracted services available include:

  • Full alarm systems with radio link
  • Perimeter fence monitoring (of your house, complex or business) either as part of a full security service or a separate contract
  • Emergency security response service – Personal Panic Button System linked directly to the Security Control Room or a Complex Mimic Panel
  • Permanent access control and patrol guards for complexes or street closures
  • Guarding Services

Call the LRA office for current pricing or quotations for alarm or electrified fence installations by approved, qualified specialists.


As a community, our strength lies in our solidarity.  TOGETHER we can achieve so much more!  The LRA security initiative is second to none and we maintain extremely healthy and co-operative relationships with SAPS, the CPF (Community Policing Forum) neighbouring Residents Associations, Business Against Crime and our own security provider, Fidelity Security Services.


The entire community, agencies, businesses and residents need to become involved and contribute towards the security in unity initiative.  Community-based approaches to crime prevention have a much greater impact on criminal behavior than law enforcement alone. Community support and involvement is vital to the ongoing success and further improvement of our wonderful environment.

Be part of our success story and encourage others to join the Lonehill Community Security Initiative.


Observers are a group of willing volunteers who are all residents of the greater Lonehill area. They act as our eyes and ears and perform an extremely important function – that of monitoring our security service provider. Once during the day and once per night, one person will travel with a supervisor and check on certain guards, road closures or complexes, to see that all is in order, i.e. that they are awake, their radio is working, that they have all their equipment and that their occurrence books are being filled in.

The observer completes a form for each visit and this is then used to resolve any problem that arises. The more volunteer observers that we have registered, the fewer duties they are required to do. One tour of duty usually takes less than an hour, and this can be done at any time. The LRA values this support very highly, to offer your services in this regard, please contact the LRA offices and we will gladly enroll you and show you the ropes.