by the Lonehill Residents Association (NPC), in collaboration with the Concourse Medical Centre

The groundwork for all happiness is good health

The Lonehill Health Challenge is a nine-week programme (includes a practice week) to encourage our Lonehill community to live a healthy life by providing the tools and opportunities to eat healthier, exercise, and enjoy life! The Lonehill Health Challenge will offer participants a lifestyle survey to identify areas where they can improve their mental and physical health. A forum where they can log their goals for the nine weeks and monitor their progress. An in-body analysis, a practice week, weekly challenges, talks and activities will form part of the programme.

Practitioners from the Concourse Medical Centre as well as speakers who are qualified professional experts in their field will share their knowledge, healthy eating, exercise programmes and mental health advice to assist participants throughout the challenge in order to achieve their goals.

The challenge will focus on three fundamental pillars of health:  movement, and nutrition. Weekly talks are pre-recorded and posted onto the closed Facebook page. The talks are presented by medical practitioners who will guide you through the science and practicalities involved. You do not need to stop any health programme that you are already undertaking, the LHC will complement what is already in place. The programme is also designed to work at it in your own time. Set yourself a time each week that is convenient for you to listen to the talks and engage on Facebook.

The following is the timeline leading up to the start on 01 August.

Online registration to participate in the challenge closes on the 1st of August 2022. Complete the registration online, pay your R250 participation fee and send the proof of payment to

  • 22 July – All registered participants will be invited to join the ‘closed’ Lonehill Health Challenge Facebook page. This is where you will listen to the talks and feel free to chat and interact with the practitioners and other participants in the challenge.
  • 23 July – In Body Analysis from 09h00 – 13h00, outside Clicks at the Lonehill Shopping Centre. This will be hosted by The Concourse Medical Centre dietician and practitioners and will be available, free of charge to all registered participants.
  • 25 – 31 July – Practice Week. This is when you will get yourself organised. Set your goals, organise your pantries, read all the information that has been emailed to you and get ready to begin the challenge on 01 August.
  • 30 July – In Body Analysis from 09h00 – 13h00. Venue to be advised.
  • 01 August  – Week 1 begins
  • 24 September  – In Body Analysis
  • 25 September  – Week 8 challenge ends.
  • 03–07 October  – Winners announced.

Contact Shelley Miller on (011) 465 9196 or email for further information

Begin the Challenge

This week is PRACTICE WEEK

Here is a list of what to pay attention to:

Decide on the goals you wish to achieve.


Read more
● Saturday 23 July 9h00-12h00
● Saturday 30 July 9h00-12h00


Decide which meal plan you will be following for the next nine weeks. Alternatively, decide to use an eating plan that has worked for you in the past.

Have your groceries ready!


  • Decide how you will track your movement and set up all appropriate applications (Fitbit, Garmin,
    Strava, phone, etc.).
  • Ensure you keep a record/log book of what you are doing. This is important for the weekly surveys.
    Start increasing your steps. You will be required to average 5 000 steps per day (minimum), so see
    how far you can go next week.
  • Try the introduction Pilates class. Make space for a dedicated spot (and time) at home that is ready
    and waiting for you next week. LISTEN TO YOUR BODY – only do what you can manage.


Keep a water bottle at hand!
Start drinking at least four glasses of water per day next week!


Choose your accountability “buddy”.


Join the CLOSED PRIVATE LHC Facebook group (optional, but recommended).

Note: Even if you do not have a Facebook account you can access a closed/private group on FB temporarily with temporary login details that are removed once you leave the group. No one on the “public” Facebook platform can see you in a closed group.

Book out time in your calendar every week to listen to the talks/ podcasts.



  • You will receive an email with the next week’s guides for movement goals, how many glasses of water to drink, and how many steps you should aim for.
  • Although steps goals are scheduled in your program every day, you can take a rest day but still try to meet the weekly step goals.


  • You will receive a survey link to capture the prior week’s progress on all of the above. Be sure to keep track. The more you participate, the better your chance of winning a prize!


Welcome to WEEK 1!

Download pdf Week 1 movement plan

After this past week's practice, you should be ready with your meal choices and movement tracking device.

Be sure to continue tracking your movement.

If you haven’t joined the Facebook group, please do so here:

Remember to schedule time to listen to the talks by the various professionals, which you can access on the LHC website.

Look out on a Monday for the survey to capture the previous week’s progress.


Hello everyone,

We hope that you have had a great week and are looking forward to week 2.  Please feel free to engage with other participants on the Face Book page about your experiences, your challenges, share your tips and recipes and for advice from our practitioners.

We have attached the following today:

The movement plan for next week (week 2) Week 2 movement plan

A repeat of the 3 optional meal plans for the benefit of those who registered late.  (Please note that registration is now closed!)

An audio clip with some auditory exercises which Bridget Westwood Chetty has put together for you.  Some lovely relaxing breathing exercises, enjoy at your leisure.

On Monday we will send out the survey for this past week and another Pilates video. We will also announce the winner of the lovely hamper from Brewtown Coffee Company.

Have a great weekend and week ahead everyone.

The Lonehill Challenge Team


PDF documents

Bridgets auditory exercise

We hope that you are all feeling great, still inspired and motivated and putting together interesting meals to enjoy! Please feel free to share your creations.  😊. We are enjoying the Face Book engagement and again congratulations to Kim-Inger Rose who received a Brewtown Coffee Company hamper as a reward for being the participant who engaged the most on the LHC Facebook page.

If any of our challengers who opted out of joining the FaceBook page and would like to share their experiences or have any questions you are welcome to contact us via email

Also just a reminder that the Lonehill Health Challenge Facebook page is a closed one, only open to participants and not to the public.  Please do not feel that you need to join Facebook to engage with the practitioners.

We have attached the movement plan for next week (week 3) and on Monday you will received the survey for Week 2.

Have a great weekend and week ahead everyone.

The Lonehill Challenge Team

Week 3 Movement plan 12 August 2022

Greetings challengers,

How are you all feeling going into the 4th week of the challenge?  If there is anything you are not managing or feel is not working for you please feel free to reach out to either Kirsten or Caylin to discuss.  They are there to guide and help you.

Attached is the Week 4 programme.  Week 4

If you have not received last week’s survey please check your junk mail and note that the survey comes directly from the Lonehill Health Challenge Gmail address.  If you have not received them please send me an email on

Here’s to a fabulous weekend and a great week ahead.

Best wishes
The Lonehill Health Challenge team

Happy Friday everyone,

We are half way there, whoop whoop!  I have to keep reminding myself that  “a little progress each day adds up to a BIG result”, we can do this!

Week 5 Movement plan attached. Week 5 Movement plan

Have a great weekend everyone and go the Bokke!

Hi everyone,

Hard to believe that we are already heading into week 6 of this health challenge. We hope that you are all in good spirits and are feeling and seeing the benefits of this challenge.  Remember you can reach out to other participants on the Facebook page or any one of the practitioners at the Lonehill Medical Centre for advice.

We will have some great giveaways this next week as well.  Look out for the details on Monday.

Have a great week

Movement plan Week 6

Remember to schedule time for the weekly talk.
We hope you are getting the longer walks in.
Remember also to complete the progress survey on Monday.

Lonehill Health Challenge - Week 7 plan

Below please find the meal and movement plans for week 8.
Remember to schedule time to listen to the weekly talk. You don’t want to miss this one!!
Remember to complete the progress survey on Monday.

Week 8


The Team

A multi-disciplinary medical centre in the heart of Lonehill, dedicated to serving the community.

Bridget Westwood-Chetty

Bridget is a clinical psychologist and treats adults, children, couples, families and organisations alike with a variety of needs. She walks with her clients as they embark on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment. Bridget blends different types of therapy to best suit the situation at hand, to help clients explore their inner selves, diagnose disorders and provide relief for psychological distress.

Caylin Goodchild

Caylin completed her Master’s degree in Dietetics and is currently a PhD candidate at the North-West University’s Centre of Excellence for Nutrition. Caylin enjoys working with a variety of clients to assist with weight loss, muscle building, medical conditions, pregnancy and many more. She contributes regularly to print, online, television and corporate wellness events. Caylin aims to get clients healthy through education, without depriving them of enjoyable foods.

Kirsten Morse

Kirsten graduated from Wits in 1989 and has been practicing in Lonehill for the last twenty years. She has a keen interest in neuromuscular disorders, especially headaches, neck and back problems. Kirsten also runs her pilates studio, both in person and online in Lonehill and has a focus on health and functional movement. Kirsten has experience in both prehab and rehab, and works well with our local surgeons to provide holistic patient management.

Jessica Spence

Jessica graduated in 2009 and began her career in physical rehabilitation. It was there that she developed a keen interest in sports and biomechanics and this has served her well as her career progressed. Jessica also has special interests in paediatric biomechanics and the management and support for patients with autoimmune diseases. Jessica works well within a medical team and aims to provide holistic patient management and support for her patients. Jessica has lived in Lonehill for over a decade and enjoys walking in the Lonehill parks with her children.